6gt-1200 High Efficiency Sawdust Dryer

                                      Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine            &nbs

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                                      Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine      

It is able to dry agricultural cellulosic-based materials such as:
Corn straw, soybean straw, cotton straw, wheat straw, sorghum straw, wood chips, wood shaving,
sawdust drying, ginkgo leaf drying and mulberry leaves drying, etc.
6gt-1200 High Efficient Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

The rotary drying is composed of

1)  heating stove/furnace,  main rotary body, which reduces the moisture from 60% to 10%.

2) The moisture evaporating capacity of our rotary drum dryer can reach to (500kg to 5000kg) per hour.

3)  The final capacity could be different for same moisture content from different density materails
6gt-1200 High Efficient Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

1). Air heating system is able to allow highly efficient removal of water from fresh harvested forage, and the maximum durability of dehydrated forage.

2). Non-pollution to the target materials guarantees minimal loss of their color, favor, and nutritional ingredients;

3). Smoke collector working with the air heating system adopts water-recycled wet-type collecting method, and ensures the exhausted gas to satisfy the environmental protection requirement as well as the lowest water consumption.
6gt-1200 High Efficient Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

      *  Straw press briquettes fuel,
      *  Charcoal making machinery,
      *  Wood chip granule fuel,
      *  Sawdust press blocks,
      *  Farm and animal husbandry engineering industry;
6gt-1200 High Efficient Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine 
Technical Parameters:
ModelDia of rollLength
of roll
Cubage (m³)
6GT- 0.6×8φ6008m3-585.14/6p2.26
6GT- 0.8×10φ80010 m3-57.26.94/6p5.02
6GT- 1.0×10φ100010m3-56.737.55.5/6p7.85
6GT- 1.2×12φ120012m3-55.813.111/6p13.31
6GT- 1.5×12φ150015m3-54.822.315/6p21.2
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6gt-1200 High Efficient Wood Sawdust Dryer Machine

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