Portable beauty instrument (high frequency + vacuum spray + ultrasonic)

*ADVANTAGES: TechniqueExperienced engineers and workersOur Service*Accept MOQ 1 piece order to test market*Free training both on line and in our company*Guarantee: Within 1 year after purchasing date, we can repair the machine and change spare parts for free (except man-made reason). After 1 year, we only cha

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*Accept MOQ 1 piece order to test market

*Free training both on line and in our company

*Guarantee: Within 1 year after purchasing date, we can repair the machine and change spare parts for free (except man-made reason). After 1 year, we only charge the cost of spare parts.


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CE, RoHs

4 In 1 Portable beauty equipment (High frequency+Vacuum Spray+Ultrasonic)  !!!
Technical Standard:
Brand: Beautyplus+ , Everplus
Voltage: AC200-240V/50Hz  AC100-120V/60Hz
Watt: 100W
Wire Length: 1.8m
Plug Standard: Chinese Standard (Can be changed to customer's requirement)
Certification: CE Certificated
High frequency:
1. Helps to calm the nerve and analgesia function.
2. Produce the ozone for sterilization, help wound to heal and restrain pores.
3. Improve secretion, the PH value, causes the skin lean to neutrality.
4. Accelerate blood circulation and improve metabolism.
5. Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, tighten skin.
Helps deep penetrating
Accelerates metabolism
Stimulates blood & lymph circulations
Eliminates blemishes & bagginess
Reduces cellulites, fine line & wrinkles
Relaxes tired muscles
The suction is helpful in cleansing of the skin. It acts much like a miniature cleaner to suction cut the deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities. The suction also gives a deep penetrating massage and draws blood to the surface of the skin.
Refine the striper pore, acne, pustule, clean the dirt and lipids inside the pore.
Spray tonics:
The spray has many features when used in facial treatment .It helps achieve thorough cleansing of the skins surface. Also cool soothing and has a pleasant fragrance. The bombardment of spray is used to flush out the pores, especially after suction and squeezing of blackheads and pimples.
H/F Electrode Handle: 1 piece,
H/F Glass Electrodes: 3 pieces.
Ultrasonic probes 2 pieces:
A. large flat (face and neck)
B. small pointy (eye and nose)
Vacuum & Spray:
Single Pipe 2 piece,
Round Glass Tube 1 piece,
Flat Glass Tube: 1 piece,
Gourd shape Tube: 1piece,
Spray Bottles: 2 pieces.
Packaging Standard:
External Packing Size/set: 40*24*37cm
4 sets/carton
Carton Size: 70*40*47cm

Portable Beauty Instrument (High frequency+Vacuum Spray+Ultrasonic)


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